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Talk about rent ready!!!

My name is Pam DeSena – I was responsible for getting my daughter’s place in Bradenton, Fl. ready to rent. I thought that I would have to hire all the contractors to do the work that needed to be done and that’s how I started.

I was given Peter’s name by a fellow associate (at work) for painting. Fortunately for me, Peter was able to provide all the additional contractor’s needed to complete the entire project.

His resource contact list was extensive and he handled all the appointments (plus criticisms) that helped me complete my daughter’s project. I used his tile guy (who incidentally did a fantastic job) & Peter coordinated all the other work that needed to be completed, such as electrical, plumbing, windows, shower door installation, trash haul away & yard clean up.

In summary – Peter was a god send, I can’t begin to tell you how much time & energy he saved me. The house is rent ready!

I would truly recommend Peter for any project that you might have.

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