Sarasota Painter Testimonials

We are proud of the work we complete for our customers.   Our goal is to paint every home or business like it is our own.  This ensures that our customers receive a high quality look for their home and business.

The following are actual Sarasota customer generated testimonials:

Rob & Barb – Sarasota, FL

“We wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the interior painting project and Peter’s attention to detail. This job was a bit challenging due to the sections of wallpaper that needed removed and the size of the project…”

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Jay – Sarasota, FL

“Peter and Deb L’Heureux entered our world– their professional mannerisms were a gift and artistic integrity was a blessing.  L’Heureux Painting provided exquisite painting detail and rich nuance.”

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R.F.Schlesinger, Sarasota, FL

“L’Heureux Painting recently painted our home and I am so pleased.  Pete made our 24 year old fixer-upper look like a gem!”

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S. Harris, Sarasota, FL

“Being out of town during the work, I depended heavily on Peter and he never let me down. I highly recommend Peter L’Heureux and will definitely go to him again the next time I need such services. “

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P. Desena, Bradenton, FL

“In summary – Peter was a god send, I can’t begin to tell you how much time & energy he saved me. The house is rent ready!”

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